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We Inspect All Your Pool's Systems

​Our pool inspections include a look at the plumbing and electrical systems. In many cases, it makes sense to hire a third party expert, like Certified, to inspect a new pool installation. Even with reputable pool builders and seasoned city inspectors, having an additional pair of eyes on the job can reveal potential concerns that others have missed throughout the Construction Process.

Prevent Costly Pool Repairs

​Our experts are able to provide a thorough examination of the status of the pool and potential costs for structural repairs or system components now or in the near future because to their comprehensive understanding of swimming pools and pool systems.

What is the cost for a pool inspection in Modesto CA?

The cost for pool inspections vary, others may charge anywhere from $90-250. Understand that with us we do not perform the repairs. This ensures that you get a fully unbiased inspection that you can trust by the top pool inspectors in Modesto. Our hourly charge is $160 and pool inspections generally take about an hour to complete. If you have a pool, this service is a must during proper home inspections, don't let anything get overlooked.

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Most Common Pool & Spa Problems

Making sure your pool equipment is operating at peak performance will not only keep your pool looking great all summer long, but it will also ensure it is running efficiently as possible. Equipment failure can Identified and even prevented. Pool Inspections are one of the inspection services we offer here at Certified. Call us today to get your Modesto CA pool inspection!

Pool Equipment

Modesto Pool Equipment Inspections Near Me

Bad or missing ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), Equipment leaks, Improperly Installed Junction Boxes, Dirty Filters, Deteriorated or Damaged Heaters.

Pool Construction

Modesto Pool Construction Inspections Near Me

Improper or Missing Drain Covers, Improperly bonded metal around the pool, Damages of missing lights, Deteriorated Shell or Plaster.

Pool Safety

Modesto Pool Safety Inspections Near Me

Non-compliance with pool and spa anti-drowning safety features, Missing anti-vortex drain covers, Proper Fencing and Locks. Geological issues.

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Looking for a Pool Inspector Near Me?

When looking for a pool inspector near me, you want to make sure that you find pool Inspection experts that are unbiased. Many times pool inspectors that also do the repairs, can offer you and inspection at a lower cost, but are incentivized to find issues with your system. We have no skin in the game, regardless of if your pool needs attention or not, we just give you a straight forward report. We are your local Modesto pool inspection company and we are ready to uncover any pool issues or give you confidence in your pool and equipment!​

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