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More Than Just A Home Inspection Company

Certified Property Inspections is more that just another home inspection company; we are part our community. We are a family owned and operated company that prides ourselves in

  • Unbiased And Accurate Home Inspections
  • Easy To Understand Home Inspection Reports
  • Telling The Story Of In Our Home Inspection Reports With Helpful Pictures

Get An Unbiased Home Inspection

We uncover the reality of a situation, giving you all the facts to make the best decision for you and your family. When evaluating one of your largest investments, team up with us. We are fully licensed & insured commercial and residential home inspectors. Our dedicated team has years of inspection experiences, and are certified through InterNACHI. We have become Turlock's favorite home inspectors and for good reason.

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Turlock Home Inspections & More

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Thermal Imaging

We scan behind the walls to get a view of many unseen issues that would otherwise be missed.

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We provide skilled and detailed home inspections and wood-destroying insect inspections.

roof home inspections turlock ca


We have you "covered" with our roof consultations that can quickly identify problems.

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Make sure you are set for summer with our detailed pool and pool equipment inspections.

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Lateral Sewer
Line Inspections

We professionally inspect lateral sewer lines using  specialized cameras.

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Don't Be Surprised By Hidden Issues

If you have ever watched those home improvement shows, or home flipping shows for more that a couple of episodes you will see that there can be surprises around every corner... and not good surprises.

Detailed Home Inspections Are Key

An in depth review by a reputable Turlock home inspection company will uncover items that as an excited future homeowner you just simply will not see. All the excitement of searching for your next home, dreaming of the possibilities, imagining how well a home will suite your family can lead to overlooking certain realities that may threaten your hopes if not planned for.

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Our Home Inspectors Question Everything...

Sadly we live in an environment where integrity is not always a given. Over the years we have come across some seriously shady stuff that sellers, in a rush to sell their home, either intentionally covered up an issue. A thorough home inspection will uncover shenanigans like this. Most sellers do not fall into this category, however, you don't want to be dealing with the small percentage that do.

Our Inspectors Don't Miss Anything!

We question everything inside and outside the home. An overlooked issues in a home can cost you thousands. Identifying these issues will place the burden on the seller to either correct these issues, or drop the price for the home. We don't know about you, but we would rather use our money on making our new house our home, rather than fixing preexisting issues.

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The Most Common Problems Found In Home Inspections

Hudson Jamison, your Turlock, CA home inspector has run into pretty much every home defect during his home inspection career. However, there are certain issues that tend to show up during his home inspections more than others. ​

Heating & Cooling System Defects, Including Insulation

HVAC & insulation are one of the primary areas where home inspections uncover neglected maintenance issues, aging systems and even improper installations, even some that allow pests to enter your Turlock home. Many times these pest will infest the insulation of the home, greatly diminishing the R-value.

Improper Wiring

Throughout the years homeowners may decide to take on an electrical project themselves, without any real understanding of best practices and safety in mind. Our Turlock home inspections uncover many of these issues on a daily basis. A proper home inspection will uncover these electrical issues and keep you fully informed.

Plumbing Problems

When walking through your potential new home, the last thing on your mind to test all the faucets, check for leaks, or crawl under the home to see if the sewage lines are in order. You are busy dreaming about how well this Turlock home will fit your families needs and wants. Having your property inspected by a home inspector handles this for you.

Roofing Issues

During our home inspections we seem to find a lot of roofing problems, which includes, clogged broken or missing gutters which lead to structural issues around the home. With a combination of the sun beating down on the roof of your  home to the crazy valley winds, our homes here in Turlock take a beating.

Structural Damage To The Home

Over the years, a home can become damaged because preventative maintenance was never performed around the home. We come across this all the time, we understand people get busy and are not able to take the time to perform basic repairs around the home. Our Turlock home inspections keep an eye out for this stuff.

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Our Home Inspection Process

During your home inspection, you will find that Certified Property Inspections makes communication a priority. Connecting with our clients in a meaningful way gives them the confidence and power to move into any future possible situations that might confront them regarding the status of a home they are interested in.

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Fill out the Online Form

Once we have the information we need, our team will review it and one of our home inspection specialists will give you a call or send you an email to confirm everything.

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We Send You Confirmation

We not only send you a confirmation, we also send you a reminder 3 days before the inspection, they day before and one hour before. We understand you are busy, so we make it easy for you!

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The Inspection

We will inspect all the systems of your home, creating a detailed report that you can take back to your real estate agent to ensure that you are making a solid offer on your potential new home.

Turlock Home Inspection Process 4

The Report

Once our inspection is complete, pictures are taken we go back to the office to compile the report. This report outlines everything we found at the property alone with pictures to (because you don't want to crawl under the house or go into the attic yourself to verify or figure out what we are talking about). We will email you the report, and if you have any further questions about the report we are just a phone call away!

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We are your go-to for all your home inspection Turlock, Ca Needs. Our wide range of inspection services such as home inspections, pool inspections, lateral sewer line inspections, and thermal imaging help you make good decisions.

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Choosing the correct Home Inspector is of primary importance to uncovering problems that may be hidden inside your potential investment. Our expert home inspectors perform comprehensive home inspection services, saving you headaches. When searching for a home inspection Turlock company, you are looking for a local inspection company that you can count on... We are that company.